Grade-Level Workshops

Excitement is “In the Building!”

Forget about loading kids on buses—this hands-on assembly is like a field trip that comes to YOU! Using the simplest of tools, students create their own fun and surprising toys—toys that fly, buzz, balance, twirl, and utterly engage young minds while demonstrating important concepts in science, math, history and the arts.

Acclaimed by teachers and adored by students, Grade-Level Workshops are the perfect accompaniment to FOSS science kits and other popular curriculum programs. Bring as many classes as you like to each workshop—it’s a great team experience!

Current Topics include:

Wood and Paper – Students build a magical tumbling toy and learn about wood types, recycling, and the importance of patterns.

Solids and Liquids – A rubber band-powered boat “propels” learning about properties (flexibility, transparency, etc.) and the states of matter.

Balance and Motion – Gravity, counterweights and FUN hang in the balance as students construct a fascinating whirling acrobat.

Physics of Sound – There will be “good vibrations” as students build a mysterious sound-generator that’s all about pitch, frequency, sound sources and sound receivers.

Measurement – Students work to keep their centimeters and millimeters straight as they create awesome toys using both metric and standard measurements.

Ideas and Inventions – Students learn creative thinking techniques while inventing toys that S-T-R-E-T-C-H their imagination.

Magnetism and Electricity – These “high-energy” toys demonstrate magnetic fields, attraction/repulsion, insulators, conductors and circuits.

Air Toys -The “pressure” is on as students hammer, saw, build and experiment with forces, the Bernoulli principle, air pressure and more.

Simple Machines/Levers & Pulleys – These ingenious projects have it all—levers, pulleys, wheels, axles, screws, wedges, inclined planes…and FUN!

Variables – Students build their own zipping, zooming cars, and test them by changing variables, making predictions, collecting data, and analyzing results.

Models, Motion & Design – Students strive to “stay within budget” as they design, build, test, evaluate and re-build kinetic toys and experience the process of innovation.

Colonial and Pioneer America – Kids in early America didn’t have video games, but they still knew how to play! History comes alive as students reconstruct toys of the 1600’s-1800’s.

Grade-Level  Workshops are one-of-a-kind learning experiences that stay with students long after the sawdust settles and the last nail is hammered into place. For more information, read our FAQ or contact Rick.


“Your coming to our class was the best field trip I ever had. Thank you so much.” -Katie, 1st grader

“His presentation was one of the main highlights of the year in my classroom!” -Anne Boyer, 2nd grade teacher, Clyde Hill Elementary

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