Family Night Build-a-Toy Workshops

Picture a scene of creative commotion: A gym or banquet hall filled with families busily working together, hammering, sawing, building, decorating…and playing!

Welcome to the Family Night Build-a-Toy Workshop, where kids ages 5 to 105 explore the art, science and JOY of building amazing toys from scratch.

Family Night Workshops bring kids and adults out in droves, so while your group is building toys, you’re also building community.

Rick begins each Family Night Build-a-Toy Workshop with a brief, entertaining intro, then steps aside, allowing participants’ own creativity to take center stage.

These workshops can draw HUGE audiences and are ideal for: Family Nights, PTA events, Science & Math Fairs, Multicultural Celebrations, corporate family events,  and many other occasions!

For more information, see our FAQ or contact Rick.

“…As I walked amongst the tables, it was heartwarming to hear all the different languages spoken as families constructed their toys, passed out materials and played with their finished products. This was a great example of cooperative learning at its best!” -Linda Fisher, Principal, Stevenson Elementary School Bellevue, WA

“We had the honor of having The Toymaker at two school assemblies and a Family Fun Night. We had over 200 people participate in making their own toy. It was a great way to bring families together. I highly recommend that you take the time and bring Mr. Hartman into the lives of your children. It’s an adventure you won’t regret taking.” Lisa Graham, PTA President, Vancouver, WA

“Science night was awesome. My daughter and husband had a wonderful time, and she learned so much. Her confidence in her ability to build and repair things zoomed! She has become so fascinated with how to create and take apart things — and she really gets the physical principles and troubleshooting involved.” – Parent
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