Hands-on Workshops

Whether you’re a teacher looking to reinforce and extend student learning, a PTA officer looking for an unforgettable Family Night, or a festival director seeking a one-of-a-kind interactive attraction, Rick offers a hands-on toy building experience that’s guaranteed to thrill and delight young audiences. School of Toy workshops have been enormously successful at Schools, Libraries, Festivals, Museums, Corporate Family Events and many other venues! A few of the most popular formats are listed, with many other configurations available on request. If you’re interested in hosting a workshop but aren’t quite sure which format is best, just contact Rick!

GRADE-LEVEL WORKSHOPS Using the simplest of tools, students create spectacular folk toys from around the world while learning about science, math, history, art and invention. Acclaimed by educators and loved by students, Grade-Level Workshops target specific curriculum areas like Simple Machines, Pioneer America, Balance & Motion, Measurement, Magnetism, Solids and Liquids and more. An in-depth, hands-on experience they’ll never forget! Click for more info.
FAMILY WORKSHOPS Kids of ALL ages work together to construct wonderful wooden folk toys that are as much fun to build as they are to play with! An entertaining, constructive event ideal for Family Nights, PTA meetings, Science & Math Fairs, Multicultural Celebrations and many other occasions! Program can accommodate audiences of up to 600 participants seated at tables and building toys at the same time. Click for more info.
FESTIVAL & FAIR WORKSHOPS A centerpiece attraction for your fair or festival. Children and their families work through a series of exciting building stations to construct a fabulous wooden toy they get to keep and carry around the fairgrounds. Click for more info.