Kits and Supplies

Save time with these all-in-one kits designed to get kids building in a jiffy!  We’ve taken the headache out of hunting for supplies at multiple locations, pre-sawing and pre-drilling wood parts, and scrounging for just the right size nut, bolt or paperclip.  The result: you get all the parts and supplies needed for a project quickly and at a great price!

Kid-Sized Safety Glasses
We've searched the world for these kid-friendly safety glasses, perfectly sized for smaller faces yet flexible enough to fit most adults. Lightweight and durable, these specs are a great way to keep young toymakers feeling safe...and lookin' good! A "must-have" for hands-on projects involving tools. [click for more info]
Price: $3.95
Safety Saw Kit
Make your own super-nifty and super-safe HANDSAW to use in all your toymaking projects! Our Safety Saw is ROUGH but not SHARP—the perfect tool for sawing those soft woods and small parts used in Rick's projects. Kit includes materials for TWO Safety Saws, detailed directions... and even a few practice sticks to saw "just for the fun of it!" Ages 5 and up with adult supervision. [click for more info]
Price: $3.95
Bull Roarer Kit
A whirling, whooshing noisemaker and optical illusion toy… the Bull Roarer is one of the oldest, most mysterious toys of all time. Kit contains ingredients for making SIX buzzing Bull Roarers. Create an entire collection for yourself, or share with friends! Ages 5 and up with adult supervision. [click for more info]
Price: $3.95