Rick’s Patented Inventions and the Stories Behind Them

Pro Thumb Wrestling
The original Thumb Wrestling Sensation! Two players insert thumbs in ring and grab the handle. First thumb to pin their opponent is the champion! [click for more info]
Price: $6.95

The Motorized Ice Cream Cone
A hand-held, battery-operated ice cream spinning extravaganza! Load the removable, dishwasher safe cup with a scoop of your favorite flavor and stick out your tongue. The Motorized Ice Cream Cone “takes a licking…keeps ice cream from dripping!” [click for more info]
Price: $9.95

Crazy Cords Friendship Bracelet Factory
Spin your own shoelaces, friendship bracelets, keychains, belts, jumpropes and more! The Crazy Cords twisting machine whirls all types of fiber (yarn, string, embroidery floss, etc.) into dazzling designer ropes in seconds. [click for more info...]
Price: $24.95

Spinsation - The Whirling Wonder
Spinsation takes the classic "Button-on-a-String" to a whole new level, allowing you to play with just one hand. Wind it up, pump the handles, and watch it whirl! (Warning: tricky to start, but mesmerizing once you "get" it!) [click for more info]
Price: $9.95

A basketball-style cup 'n ball toy that whirls, spins, clicks and does all kinds of neat tricks. By spinning the frame on its rotating handles, players can perform tricky stunts while attempting to catch the ball in one of the baskets. [click for more info]
Price: $9.95