Superpin: Science and Writing the Toymaker Way

Toymaker Rick Hartman with Superpin BookIt’s a bird! It’s a plane! Its… a clothespin?

Yup, and this little laundry clip’s on a mission to prove that hand-crafted, wooden toys still have a place in our high-tech world.

Follow Superpin’s adventures as he’s transformed from an everyday, household object into an acrobatic supertoy—a miniature mechanical marvel that will whirl, balance and bounce right into your imagination!

How is the writing process like building a toy? What is “centripetal force?” And how do you balance a clothespin on the tip of your nose? Answers to these and other mysteries are revealed in a magical program created and performed by Rick Hartman—master toymaker, storyteller, and author of The Making of Superpin: Wonder and Joy in a Homemade Toy.

Poetry, science, invention and surprise swirl together in this memorable performance by one of the Northwest’s leading educational entertainers. For booking information, contact Rick.