Incredibook – A Humungous History of Pioneer America

What weighs over 100 pounds, folds out to the size of a small pickup truck, and brings history alive with the most entertaining demonstrations since the days of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show?

It’s “Incredibook,” a humongous history of Pioneer America performed by toymaker Rick Hartman and his School of Toy!

Filled with captivating surprises that include giant timelines, mechanized maps and a 16-foot pop-up model of the Oregon Trail, “Incredibook” immerses audiences in a not-so-distant era when life was a daily struggle, and imagination and ingenuity were the central ingredients of play.

Originally commissioned by the Washington State Capital Museum, “Incredibook” tells the story of a complicated period of American history in a way that only a “teaching toymaker” can tell it–using humor, sensitivity and a host of irresistibly inventive toys.

As thought-provoking as it is fun, “Incredibook” will be cherished by audiences of all ages.

For booking information, contact Rick.

“The program Rick Hartman presented at the State Capital Museum featured an accurate and entertaining look at historic toys of the pioneer era. Not only was our audience of children and their families intrigued with the construction of the “old fashioned” toys he brought along, but they sat in rapt attention as Hartman translated for them, in contemporary terms, the play-life of children of pioneer times. An excellent and fun program for children of all ages. Hartman is an enthusiastic and engaging performer and educator.” -Susan Rohrer, Education Curator, Washington State Capital Museum

“Thanks for a wonderful experience! It was a great way to extend our learning about pioneer life and gain some first-hand knowledge of what pioneer children might have experienced.” -Ann Lantis, 3rd/4th grade teacher, Bellevue, WA
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