The Gears of Invention – a Mind-Spinning Show about Science and Art

The gears appear one by one, each carrying an intriguing message about science, learning and creativity.But it’s only as a whole—once they’re connected—that “The Gears of Invention” reveal their true power in a giant kinetic contraption audiences will never forget. 

Interweaving some of history’s most important innovations with his own patented toys, Rick celebrates the process of creativity, design and discovery, demonstrating how we ALL can think like scientists and inventors.

Filled with laughter, learning and surprise, “The Gears of Invention” will long be remembered as much for its amazing assortment of gadgets and gizmos as for its rock-solid educational message.

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“You have received rave reviews from teachers at every grade level! The librarian said that after you were here, every class that came to the library checked out only science-related books. It was a complete success!” -Katie Marvin, PTA Science Night organizer, Challenger Elementary

“It has been several weeks now since you were here at Friday Harbor Elementary School and talk still buzzes about your being here, the quality of your assembly and workshops, and the excitement, fun and learning you brought to us…Your message is a positive and powerful one for children to hear as you encouraged them to persevere, to create, to have fun, to see things in new ways, and learn from mistakes and from one another… Your message is more than simply making a toy. It is one of positive thinking, inventive creativity, and feeling good about one self…” -Dr. Carolyn Haugen, Principal, Friday Harbor Elementary

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