‘Tis the Season to Talk of Toys…

Seattle, WA (Dec. 20, 2005) – Toymaker Rick Hartman joined Weekday radio host Steve Scher today for an entertaining hour of talk about toys.

The show, Elfin Handiwork, aired live from the studios of National Public Radio affiliate KUOW in Seattle.

As a master toymaker and children’s entertainer whose programs are enjoyed by tens of thousands of youth each year, Hartman shared his perspectives on a wide variety of topics ranging from the serious (e.g., finding a balance between high-tech and low-tech playthings) to the silly (e.g., the ‘labor-saving benefits’ of his Motorized Ice Cream Cone.)

But it was with the topic of noisy toys that Scher, Hartman, and toy store owner Allan Rickert had the most fun: The trio used home-made tongue-depressor-and-rubber-band harmonicas to squawk out an impromptu version of ‘Jingle Bells,’ then entertained listeners (and, clearly, themselves) demonstrating other exotic toy instruments like Hartman’s Musical Ping Pong Paddle, the clattering Mattrakas from Mexico, and a warbling bird whistle from Vietnam.

“We could just have a whole orchestra here,” quipped Scher.

To listen to the broadcast in its entirety , click here

For more information on Rick Hartman’s “School of Toy,” visit his website, www.schooloftoy.com.