Discovery Channel Features Rick

Las Vegas, NV (June 10, 2002) Toymaker Rick Hartman joins comedian Jason Sudeikis and legendary innovator Dean Kamen for tonight’s world premier of “Invention Showdown,” a pilot program about invention, innovation and creativity produced by The Discovery Channel.

Filmed principally at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas,”Invention Showdown” spotlights several of Hartman’s popular creations including the Motorized Ice Cream Cone, Pro Thumb Wrestling, Crazy Cords Friendship Bracelet Factory and Hoop-2-Hoop whirling basketball toy.

Beyond promoting his playful products, however, Hartman uses the prime time platform to do what he does best—inspire creativity in young people and encourage them to think innovatively.

“Inventions don’t have to be fantastically complicated,” he tells viewers while demonstrating a prototype for his patented Motorized Ice Cream Cone. “Sometimes all you have to do is put a new twist on an old invention.”

Other featured inventors include Kamen, creator of the Segway Human Transport Vehicle, and Mike Dennis, developer of a life-saving helmet insert for soldiers, industrial workers and athletes.

“Invention Showdown” is the brainchild of Jonathan Stack, an Academy Award-nominated film maker, and Byron Donzis, an accomplished inventor with more than 200 patents to his credit. The program airs tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern Time and again on Saturday June 15, at 4 p.m.

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