Buzz from Teachers

“The kids were very sincere in voting you the “most fun” this year. When they can learn, create and take home a lasting memory that might spark another, it is money well spent. It was great!” -Shana Sackett, Teacher, Madison Elementary, Mount Vernon

“His demeanor was quiet and calm and he had the children on the edge of their seats for an hour and a half. His presentation was one of the main highlights of the year in my classroom!” -Anne Boyer, 2nd grade teacher, Clyde Hill Elementary

“When I asked my kids what they enjoyed most about the assembly they enthusiastically said ‘EVERYTHING!'” -Heather Neel, 3rd grade teacher, Serene Lake Elementary

“Hands down one of the best presentations the kids in my classes have had! After the workshop my students looked at toys with new eyes. They now see themselves as people who can also come up with a great idea!” -Susan Brown, 4th/5th grade teacher, Medina Elementary

“You could almost see and feel each mind spinning while he calmly spoke, giving information and asking specific questions to entice the children to offer their own thoughts and information. His program is geared so that each child was successful.”-Normandie Callahan, 2nd grade teacher, Clyde Hill Elementary

“Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with my class! Your workshop emphasized skills needed for success in all subjects: problem solving, flexibility, creativity, listening, and following directions. Your warm and generous teaching style helped the students make beautiful creations!” -Sue Shannon, 2nd grade teacher, Stevenson Elementary

“We were VERY impressed with your program. The kids still talk about you and what they can invent next! I would recommend ‘The Toymaker’ to any school–any age. Thanks!” -Malanie Schlotfeldt, 1st grade teacher, Somerset Elementary

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! What a great day we had… You inspire us every year.” -Georgia Guernsey, 2nd grade teacher, Madison Elementary, Mt. Vernon

“WOW!!! The kids had a wonderful time building their balancing toy. They went back to the classroom and wrote an expository story about their experience. You have a knack about involving kids in active learning while integrating various curriculum areas. Great job!” -Jackie Mutcheson, 2/3 Quest, Ben Franklin Elementary

“You are definitely a pied piper! The children loved all the measuring, sawing and hammering. The experience was truly a value to their learning!” -Phyllis Richardson, 3rd grade teacher, Clyde Hill Elementary

“The students were totally attentive & entranced. Excellent hands-on experience.” -Shirley Timson, 4th grade teacher, Endeavour Elementary, Issaquah

“This was a delightful experience for all my third graders. Because many of them lack parent involvement, it was a time to observe Rick’s excellent modeling of enthusiasm, knowledge and skill. Participating in building actual toys they can use was fantastic! In their technological world, they are enthusiastic about creativity.” -Gretchen Wheeler, 43rd grade teacher, Jefferson Elementary, Tacoma

“A fabulous experience for our kids! As a former teacher, you have excellent skills with children and presented a thorough lesson that complimented our WA history unit beautifully. It was fun to see al the kids playing with their toys at recess!” -Jennifer Velling, 3rd/4th grade teacher, Phantom Lake School

“Many many many EALRs (Essential Academic Learning Requirements) were incorporated in a very natural way. If there were EALRs on behavior, self-esteem, and project completion, those would have been successfully accomplished as well.” -Nancy Simson, Wing Luke Elementary, Seattle, WA

“Thank you so much for the toy lesson! Your manner is so gentle, yet firm with the children and your lesson was very appropriate to what we had studied. It was a very successful experience for us!” -Shelley Perkins, 4th grade teacher, Stevenson Elementary

“Spectacular! I hope to have you back next year. I think what you do is fabulous and the kids just love it!” – Lucy Anderson, 3rd grade teacher, Lakeridge Elementary, Mercer Island

“We so enjoyed your toymaking session! The kids absolutely loved it. Hope to see you back” -Bobbie Beatty, 1st grade teacher, North Star Elementary, Bethel School District

“Thank you for coming to Maple School. My 1st grade class really enjoyed your presentation. It was a memorable experience. They wrote lengthy, detailed stories about their day which 5th grade Book Buddies have helped edit. They are very proud. I highly recommend your workshops.” –Chris Horner, 1st grade teacher, Maple Elementary

“It was the perfect book buddy activity!” –Elyse Litvack, 5th grade teacher, Maple Elementary

“What a great experience, both for kids and teachers. It’s wonderful to see the kids playing with their own creations rather than today’s expensive commercial toys. Everyone was successful and totally engaged. The tie-in with WA state history was meaningful for kids.” -Patsy Jackson,3rd/4th grade teacher, Phantom Lake Elementary

“Thanks for a wonderful experience! It was a great way to extend our learning about pioneer life and gain some first-hand knowledge of what pioneer children might have experienced.” -Ann Lantis, 3rd/4th grade teacher, Stevenson Elementary

“Your assembly was PERFECT! You are an excellent motivator while keeping control of the crowd. The workshop this morning made the rest of my day SO much fun. The kids were so proud of their toys that they put extra effort into the rest of our activities for the day.” -Cara Haney, Kindergarten teacher, Panther Lake Elementary

“The show and workshops were excellent! We loved your humor. THe workshops really tied in to our science Curriculum.” -Lynn Thompson, 3rd grade teacher, Panther Lake Elementary

“The kids loved making the toys and they talked about the assembly for days after.” -Carolyn Hunt, Kindergarten teacher, Panther LakeElementary

“WOW–my students had so much fun! It was such a good experience for my students to use hammers and build their own toys! We need more programs like yours! This program inspired me to use more imagination in my classroom!” – 1st grade teacher, Panther Lake Elementary

“It is obvious that Rick is used to working with children. He is organized, well-prepared and his activities are developmentally and age appropriate. The children were attentive and cooperative from the beginning. Every child was successful and proud of his/her accomplishments. I know the adults had as much fun as the children. I highly recommend this workshop.” -Liz O’Connell ,1st/2nd grade teacher, Wing Luke Elementary

“Ninety minutes and not one student off task. Focused hands-on learning. Fun activities — everybody gets finished and walks home with tools and toys!” -Pat Wight, 3rd grade teacher, Friday Harbor Elementary

“Bravo – Excellent – Kudos to Rick Hartman! The children learned so much about themselves as creators and inventors – through the magic and fulfillment of making objects that work and generate interest, involvement, satisfaction and joy in the process. I will ask Rick to remain an available resource for our school for years to come. ” –Carolyn Lewis-Carter, K-1st teacher, Spruce Street School

“Thank you for encouraging the students to think, imagine and create new things. You guided them into a new area of excitement in our classroom. They are all inventors and creators of toys!” –Shelly Bouse, 3rd grade teacher, Medina Elementary

“Very educational (scientific principles involved) nd creative. Children were thoroughly engrossed and had to problem-solve along the way to construct their toy.” -Veronica Mratinick, 1/2, Franklin Elementary

“What a valuable, academic and fun program for our students. They were totally engaged. We hope to have you back next year!” – teacher, Somerset Elementary

“What a tremendously successful and wonderful workshop! My students, parents and I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful experience. Your toymaking workshop supported our kindergarten science curriculum which focused on exploring the properties of wood. I look forward to working with you again next year Muchas gracias.” -Nancy Penate-Bush, SIP-K, Sunset/Puesta Del Sol

“I am always impressed with how well you guide children and help encourage their creativity and tap into their sense of fun. Your workshop is a great chance for my students to become inventors!” -Lori Renner, 3rd grade teacher, Stevenson

“This was a fabulous experience where all children felt successful and excited about becoming inventors.” -Judy Menlove, 1st grade teacher, Stevenson Elementary
“The toymaker program combined great elements of creativity and invention with design. The students were actively, enthusiastically engaged in all parts of the workshop. I appreciated your calm, positive approach, preparedness, and excitement for the subject!” -Keli Gump, 4th grade teacher, Stevenson Elementary

“Developmentally appropriate, great communication and very clear directions. The kids had a great time!” -Anne Gibson, Kindergarden teacher, Somerset Elementary

“The Toymaker program was fabulous! It fit in so nicely with our Wood Science unit. The kids were totally involved throughout the entire 1 1/2 hours. Excellent variety of activities. Your manner with them is great – so patient and caring. Thank you sooooo much!” -Chris Cox, Kindergarden teacher, Somerset Elementary

“You were wonderful, well-prepared, and made our toymaking experience fit our Foss Landforms unit. Way to go!” -Melissa Slater, fifth grade teacher, Somerset Elementary

“The program was exceptional. My students are excited to go and invent.” -Tanya Lindsey, Kindergarden teacher, Somerset Elementary

“The workshop was excellent. The students loved it and so did I. Your management and organization made it even more enjoyable for me. This is something I definitely want to become an annual event! Thank you.” -Julie Pietsch,1st/2nd grade teacher, Stevenson Elementary

“Thanks for your great workshop! The kids LOVED it!” –Jocelyn Benford-Ahn, 2/3 teacher, Eastgate Elementary