Spinsation – The Whirling Wonder

What it is: A springy squeeze toy that whirls a glittering button on a string. It pulses, vibrates and looks a little like a flying saucer. Wind it up, pump the handles, and watch it whirl!
Price: $9.95
Package Contains
Spinsation Squeeze Toy
Direction Card
Extra String
Product Requires
Recommended Ages
The Story of this Invention: One of Rick’s favorite folk toys has always been the classic “Button Buzzer” or “Buzz Saw.” It’s simply a button or disk suspended between your two hands on a loop of string. When the string gets twisted and you pull your hands apart, the button whirls, first in one direction and then the other. One day Rick wondered whether there was a way to get the button to spin with just one hand. He bolted two sticks together in the shape of an “X” and tried connecting his button and string to one end. It didn’t work. So he built another model and that didn’t work either. He ended up building more than 25 models of his toy before he found the perfect shape.
Cool Facts: More than 300 United States Patents have been awarded for button-spinning toys. The technical name for a button-on-a-string toy is “string torsion device.” Pioneer children played with disk-spinning toys more than 150 years ago. Spinsation isn’t just a cool toy–it’s been used in hospitals and clinics as a low-impact hand exerciser.

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