Pro Thumb Wrestling

What it is: A miniature wrestling ring for two thumbs. Players insert thumbs into ring and grab handle. First thumb to pin its opponent is the champion!
Price: $7.95
Package Contains
One (1) Pro Thumb Wrestling Ring
Color direction card
Recommended Ages
The Story of this Invention: As a teacher’s aide in 1989, Rick was thumb wrestling a 1st grader during recess. He’d been watching t.v. the night before and had caught a glimpse of bigtime, pro wrestling while flipping channels. Rick made a connection: thumb wrestling + pro wrestling = Pro Thumb Wrestling. A toy was born. Rick made 8,000 wooden Pro Thumb Wrestling toys by hand that year, helping to pay his way through graduate teacher’s college. He was awarded his first United States Patent for Pro Thumb Wrestling in 1991.

Cool Facts: Actress Jennifer Aniston and comic Ellen Degeneres Pro Thumb Wrestled on national television during the premier episode of Ellen’s NBC daytime talkshow in Sept. 2003. Ellen won.

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