What it is: A basketball-style cup ‘n ball catch toy that whirls, spins, clicks and does all kinds of neat tricks. By spinning the frame on its rotating handles, players can perform tricky stunts while attempting to catch the ball in one of the baskets.
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Hoop-2-Hoop Toy
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The Story of this Invention: One day Rick made a small toy clown out of a tongue depressor, two bottle caps, a piece of thread and a small jingle bell. While talking on the phone, he accidentally twirled the clown around in his fingers and noticed something surprising: the bell swooped up and around, traveling from one bottle cap to the other and landed with a pleasing “click.” This accidental discovery led Rick to improve upon the toy. He dropped the clown theme in favor of basketball, and Hoop 2 Hoop was born.
Cool Facts: Cup and ball toys are some of the oldest toys in history. They have been found in the remains of civilizations dating back thousands of years. In medieval times, a cup and ball type toy called the ‘bilboquet’ was a popular plaything with both children and adults. Hoop-2-Hoop has been sold, among other places, at the NBA store in New York City. It’s easy to master the basic “back and forth” catch with Hoop-2-Hoop, but other tricks can be VERY tricky.

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