You’re the Toymaker!

“I want to be a toymaker when I grow up!”

That’s what some students tell me after they’ve attended one of my hands-on workshops or Giant Toy Shows.  While it’s heartwarming that someone thinks they’d like to follow in my footsteps,  I always tell them the same thing:


It’s true.  To be a toymaker, all you need are some simple supplies and imagination. 

I’ve met toymakers who are eighty years old, and toymakers who are eight.  Toymakers in pre-school, and toymakers in retirement homes.  Age doesn’t matter.  If you love to build, if you love to play, if you love to discover how things work, then—VOILA!— you’re a toymaker.

That’s the message I tried to communicate in the introduction to this video—made all the way back in 2001.  Since creating that show, I’ve given thousands of live presentations and worked with a million or more students at schools, libraries, museums, festivals and other events.  And after all these years, I’m more convinced than ever that we’re all toymakers at heart!

I’m so glad you decided to “Come on in” and explore! I hope this will be a place to make discoveries, meet other amazing toymakers, and experience some of the learning and excitement of my live presentations.

Happy exploring!


p.s. The theme song, “You’re the Toymaker,” was written and performed by my amazing wife, Lee. (Thanks Lee!)

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