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Save Time – Buy the Kit!

As a classroom teacher many years ago, I wanted to do some simple woodworking projects with my students but was frustrated because I didn’t have enough tools. I remember spending my own money to purchase a couple of hammers and saws from the local hardware store and thinking, “there’s got to be a better way.” These tools were expensive, and the few sets I could afford weren’t going to be much help with a class of 30 students.

Fortunately a few months later I stumbled across a wonderful book called “Making Things: The Hand Book of Creative Discovery” by Ann Wiseman (published by Little, Brown.) This quirky, 164-page volume is jam-packed with simple, creative crafts kids can make by themselves… everything from paper gliders to finger paints, stilts to cardboard box costumes. Tucked near the middle of the book I discovered directions for “The Little Hack Saw Blade.” The simplicity of this homemade tool was refreshing and inspiring, and I soon found that creating a class set was an inexpensive way to get all my students building at once. I’ve been using this style saw with my students ever since and have found it to be just right for the light carpentry involved in my toymaking projects.

I’ve also adapted Wiseman’s “Improvised Emergency Hammer” for use in my workshops. See Homemade Hammer for details.

Check out your local library, school library or bookstore for “Making Things: The Hand Book of Creative Discovery.” It’s a wonderful resource for parents, teachers… and especially kids!

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