Bull Roarer

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It’s been called ‘The Wolf,’ ‘The Thunderbolt,’ ‘The Lightning Stick.’

It’s cast a mysterious growl across the deserts of Australia, the forests of Europe, the savannas of Africa, and the mountain ranges of North and South America.

Best known as the “Bull Roarer,” it’s one of the oldest and most fascinating toys of all times.

To look at it you wouldn’t even think it’s a toy. It’s so simple, made up of a single, flat stick, or “paddle,” looped with a piece of string. That’s it: A stick and a piece of string.

But once you’ve held the ends of this string and whirled the paddle in a sweeping circle, you’re in for a treat: a weird, wonderful, rumbling ROAR of a noise that’s captured the imaginations of children and adults for thousands of years.

The exact beginnings of the Bull Roarer aren’t known. Long before kids discovered they made great toys, Bull Roarers were used in ceremonies by ancient peoples who believed their hums and drones had magical power.

Today kids around the world love the Bull Roarer’s simple design, its colorful flashes and flickers, and most of all, its incredibly satisfying NOISE!

Enjoy building and experimenting with the Bull Roarer as you unravel the mysteries of this timeless and mesmerizing toy!

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