SeattlesChildCoverSMALLWriting for one of the Pacific Northwest’s foremost parenting publications, Rebecca Mongrain declares, ‘School of Toy is Open for Fun!”

“Parents love seeing their kids deeply engaged in hands-on learning, while teachers enjoy being able to connect it to their curriculum. Kids love the creativity, humor and suprise, along with the sense of accomplishment.”

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“What’s going on here is educational alchemy, rare and precious as any gold,” writes Eric Lucas in Alaska Airlines Magazine. “And what’s really being made are not toys, but lifetime impressions.”

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“I want to be a toymaker when I grow up!”

That’s what some students tell me after they’ve attended one of my hands-on workshops or Giant Toy Shows.  While it’s heartwarming that someone thinks they’d like to follow in my footsteps,  I always tell them the same thing: [click to continue…]

Save Time – Buy the Kit!

It’s been called ‘The Wolf,’ ‘The Thunderbolt,’ ‘The Lightning Stick.’

It’s cast a mysterious growl across the deserts of Australia, the forests of Europe, the savannas of Africa, and the [click to continue…]

Save Time – Buy the Kit!

As a classroom teacher many years ago, I wanted to do some simple woodworking projects with my students but was frustrated because I didn’t have enough tools. I remember spending my own money to purchase a couple of hammers and saws from the local hardware store and thinking, “there’s got to be a better way.” These tools were expensive, and the few sets I could afford weren’t going to be much help with a class of 30 students. [click to continue…]